AIR Centre is hiring an Executive Secretary for the MBON Secretariat office in the Azores

    The AIR Centre is a network for international cooperation along and across the Atlantic, with an integrative approach to the advance and sharing of knowledge of space, atmosphere, oceans, climate change, energy and data science, as well as their interactions. Its central theme is North-South and South-North, East-West and West-East cooperation. AIR Centre’s head office is located in Terceira/Azores, where the first High-Level Atlantic Interactions event in April 2017 took place, following a series of international workshops starting in 2016.
    Head Office:
    Casa da Roda, Rua Gervásio Lima S/N 9760-472 Praia da Vitória Ilha Terceira, Azores Portugal

    Lisbon Office:
    Palácio das Laranjeiras, Estrada das Laranjeiras 197 1500-423 Lisboa, Portugal
    +351 96 181 0220